Dr. Jessica Christie is a licensed naturopathic doctor, certified nutrition specialist and owner of Imperica Health LLC -  an innovative healthcare practice offering virtual consultations and health education programs. Her extensive training can help clients reach their optimal health from the comfort of their homes.

Dr. Christie has a true passion for empowering women towards better health and hopes to contribute to a healthier and happier next generation. Her primary specialties are fertility, pregnancy and the postpartum period with particular interests in detoxification, nutrition, and psychological/neurological wellbeing.

Her training includes a four-year, in-residence Naturopathic Medical curriculum with clinical training at the acclaimed National University of Health Sciences. She also has extensive clinical experience at the Whole Health Center in Lombard, IL, Salvation Army Clinic in Chicago, IL, Yellowstone Naturopathic Clinic in Billings, MT, and Gentle Wellness Center in Fairfax, VA.

She has also received Bachelor of Arts degrees in Psychology, Spanish, and International Studies from Penn State University and a Master of Arts degree in Developmental Psychology from Gallaudet University.


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